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Work Packages



Description of work

T1.1 – Overall Project Coordination
T1.2 – Administrative and financial Coordination
T1.3 – Project Reporting
T1.4 – Quality Assurance, Risk and Ethics Management


Stakeholders engagement
and co-creation

Description of work

T2.1 – Co-designed definition and adaptation of system requirements
T2.2 – Co-designed healthcare pathway and organization
T2.3 – Multi-stakeholder iterative testing
T2.4 – Professionals training and practical adoption


VR2Care Platform modular
developments and integration

Description of work

T3.1 – Computer vision, motion capturing and metrics
T3.2 – Natural interaction and multi-user embodiment
T3.3 – Virtual Reality environment for physical activity
T3.4 – VR2Care Platform integration, interfaces and interoperability


Piloting and
impact assessment

Description of work

T4.1 – Analysis of the readiness level in the pilot sites
T4.2 – Study protocol writing for Pilots
T4.3 – Pilots running
T4.4 – Data analysis


WP title Business Models and Exploitation

Description of work

T5.1 – Propose general exploitation strategy guidelines that can serve as each partner to formulate their individual and overall exploitation plan
T5.2 – Design (develop and validate) new business models using the Lean Startup Canvas
T5.3 – Foster the technology adoption
T5.4 – Develop a phased Road Map for exploitation


Dissemination and

Description of work

T6.1 – Dissemination and Communication Plan
T6.2 – Project branding, online presence
T6.3 – External outreach activities, workshops and final conference